Legacy Grants

Since 1957, the Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation has funded a broad range of organizations across many categories – arts and humanities, communications, education, the environment, human services and libraries.

The categories of giving have reflected the wide-ranging interests of the founders. In recent years, while the grantmaking program has been expanded to include other types of giving where the broad focus has narrowed to support for a few promising organizations, the Foundation continues to honor the legacy of the founders through support of organizations working within the traditional areas of interest.

The legacy grant focus area is the only type of grant area where we accept unsolicited grant proposals. You can learn more about the legacy grant program and whether your organization might be a good fit for this opportunity.

Legacy Grant Funding Focus Areas

Arts and Humanities

“ . . . any great art, great music or any ennobling experience tends to quicken our sense of the divine. Life has little significance without the overtone of divinity.”

– Elmer L. Andersen from I Trust to Be Believed


“I don’t try to tell you what to think, but I would like to tell you to think.”

– Elmer L. Andersen from A Man’s Reach


“A strong emphasis on education is the secret to securing this nation’s future.”

– Elmer L. Andersen from I Trust to Be Believed


“We should never stray too far from communing with nature, nor for too long.”

– Elmer L. Andersen from Views from the Publisher’s Desk

Human Services

“Service to humanity should be the ultimate goal of all education and of every life.”

– Elmer L. Andersen from A Man’s Reach


“A library is a community’s temple of learning.”

– Elmer L. Andersen from I Trust to Be Believed

Apply for a Legacy Grant

We only accept open grant applications for our legacy grants program. You can find out if you might be a good fit for that program by learning more about what we do, and taking the eligibility quiz.