Social Change Grants

Embracing the democratic ideals of fairness, justice and opportunity for all, the Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation devotes a portion of annual grantmaking to catalyzing social change in Minnesota within a rotation of the following areas:

  • Political power and process

  • Environmental justice

  • Civil/human rights

The Foundation strives to respond to critical community needs with a thoughtful, inclusive decision-making process.  A commitment has been made to devote larger grants over an extended cycle to support efforts towards worthy goals in the Foundation’s areas of interest.

Within each of the three focus areas, a goal is determined and the landscape is scanned for organizations currently working towards the goal and funders involved in the effort. Grant decisions are reached through interviews, meetings, presentations and other conversations. This proactive approach has led to informative and effective partnerships.

Unsolicited proposals for social change grants are not accepted. The legacy grant program is the only focus area where the Foundation accepts unsolicited proposals.

Apply for a Legacy Grant

We only accept open grant applications for our legacy grants program. You can find out if you might be a good fit for that program by learning more about what we do, and taking the eligibility quiz.